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When you sign up for this free email course you’ll receive the following: A few summers ago we had an awesome group of educators come together for the 20% Time MOOC.It was a summer filled with learning all about “why” we need this type of learning in our schools, “how” to get started with your class, and “what” to do during the project and after the project.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Want to start Genius Hour in your classroom but not sure where and how to begin?This would have been a one week study of talking to the parents, mentors, and school administrators to discuss the odds of this project ever getting off the ground. Instead they probably didn’t want to crush the her spirit, so they just brought up the obstacles in smaller bits.

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Now, as I begin moving forward into other projects and seasons of new work, I want to make sure that any teacher looking to start 20% time or Genius Hour with their students have a complete FREE resource they can dig into and get the nuts and bolts of how to make it happen.In her reflection that she turned into me she mentioned that it would have been better if she had asked more questions in the beginning.This led me toward “The Feasibility Study,” which according to Wikipedia is: So, had she done this at the beginning of the project, she would have saved weeks, if not months.The MOOC taught me a lot and brought our community together in some amazing ways.Afterwards a number of teachers asked if we could have something that was specific about 20% Time and Genius Hour.

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