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She recieves daily faxes from suitors the world over and she knows the exact opening hours and addresses of the Chinese restaurants that serve imported lobster Szechuan style, which goes extremely well with a light, yet fruity French white wine, slightly chilled, and remember to tip the waiter 10%.

You are different than all the nice smelling young men she's known.

You can hate it if you like) And, as stated in most of the other Gor related rooms, the rules are the rules.

**NOTE TO SLAVES/SUBMISSIVES AND THOSE WISHING TO BE SLAVES** Although the generally accepted Gorean protocol is not required of non-Gorean slaves in this room, it would be wise to remember that your words, tone and manner of address will be noted by the free and will affect how you are viewed by many.• If no mods are present, any free person may attempt to enforce the rules and tell someone to leave if needed.

If you can't or won't abide by them, find a different room.

If you aren't sure what is appropriate, PLEASE ASK!

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It just so happens that most of the rules here are not "Gorean" rules.

The terrain varies including the vast expanse of sa-tarna fields, forests, swamplands, barrens, mountains, This room covers all the lands of Gor.there are many Wild animals(NPC) that you May come Across on the Cross Roads.

The Crossroads is a full Kill/Capture/Force Collar/Mirror Zone room.

Nor has she been busted for possession by the same cop in Alabama, dropped out of the same University, belonged to your voodoo cult, nor ever watched The Brady Bunch.

You can't tell a Hungarian girl that you are a tourist.

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