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However, it would be premature to say that the pattern of the partnership formation in Japan has shifted to the second demographic transition with nonmarital cohabitation.

It is because the dual structural nature of Japanese society and culture sustains the traditional family culture in the minds of even the young people in Japan today.

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Furthermore, many Japanese men and women remain single their entire lives (1920, about 2 % for both men and women; 2010, 20 % for men and 11 % for women).

Extremely high rates for lifetime bachelors and bachelorettes today are a major reason for fertility decline.

At the Ninja Academy she was in the top five of her class, simply by being equally skilled in everything they tested, even though she was never in the top 3 of anything, she was never outside of the top 10.

She passed the genin exam with no problems and had just finished taking the second test today with her team, which they passed.

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