Wow warrior intimidating shout macro

Probably the best ones which I¡¯ve been using so far are mentioned below and I can recommend them strongly: Major: Glyph of Death from Above Glyph of Rude Interruption Glyph of Colossus Smash Also Glyph of Spell Reflection, Glyph of Shield Wall and Glyph of Hindering Strikes are good choices for Major Glyphs.Minor: Other minor glyphs are pretty much visual stuff except Glyph of Bloody Healing which is a minor upgrade to your bandage healing while your Deep Wounds is active and Glyph of Intimidating Shout which makes your feared targets stand still. Arena-setups: 2v2: Warriors are usually best to pair with a healer and currently the strongest options are Paladin for good CC-chains or Druid with incredible escape mechanics and Cyclone.Keep in mind that simply following this (or any other) rotation guide will not guarantee you to be amazing at DPS.How aggressively you execute the rotation, how fast and intelligently you react in encounters, your FPS, latency, etc.Double-time let's you charge twice in a row but after that you will struggle to maintain your uptime because of long cooldown of Charge so you should never pick up it or Warbringer from this tier.Tier 2: Second Wind is the best option here because you don't have to pay attention to it and it gives you nice healing below 35% health without sacrificing rage or globals to heals. Macros This guide is an updated version of my Cataclysm equivalent which can be found here: page=1 1.Personally I mostly use this kind of build for random battlegrounds and arena: Tier 1: Juggernaut Tier 2: Second Wind Tier 3: Piercing Howl Tier 4: Shockwave Tier 5: Safeguard Tier 6: Stormbolt I'll explain talents tier by tier below: Tier 1: Juggernaut is the only choice from this tier because it increases your mobility so much that it's mandatory to have.

For Pv P the hit cap and expertise caps ares 3%, which are mandatory to have. Gemming: You should be using the following gems for each slot: Meta: Reverbeating Primal Diamond, 216 Strength, 3% Increased Critical Effect Red: 80 Strength 160 Crit Rating (Inscribed Vermillion Onyx) Blue: 160 Crit Rating 80 Pv P Power (Radiant Wild Jade) Yellow: 320 Crit Rating (Smooth Sun's Radiance) 3.

TSG is more straight-forward setup which is usually based on outlasting your opponent and putting out as much damage you can.

Kills are usually lined up with Strangulate or just getting enemy healer out of mana / heal output. It¡¯s based on enormous single-target damage but the hunter also has incredible CC¡¯s which are making this setup dangerous in the right hands. It has great burst capabilities and mage brings a lot CC to support warrior.

Tier 6: As said above if you're using Bladestorm, you should be using Bloodbath from this tier to give you more Ao E-pressure.

Unless you're playing with Bladestorm you should go Stormbolt if you're willing to have more stuns/peels to help out your teammates or to land some kills.

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