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One respondent explained it this way: “People automatically assume I am the secretary, or in a less technical role because I am female.

This makes it difficult for me to build a technical network to get my work done.

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Discrimination and sexual harassment are seen as more frequent, and gender is perceived as more of an impediment than an advantage to career success.

Nearly half (48%) of female STEM workers in majority-male workplaces say that sexual harassment is a problem where they work.

About four-in-ten (42%) women in computer jobs consider workplace sexual harassment a problem where they work, compared with three-in-ten (30%) men in computer jobs.

Women are a majority of those working in health-related occupations but just 14%, on average, of those in engineering jobs. And that for Hispanics has gone up from 4% to 7%, while their share of the U. They also tend to do so more than blacks in non-STEM jobs (50%), with many saying they have been treated as if they were not competent because of their race or ethnicity.

In computer occupations, a job cluster which includes computer scientists, systems analysts, software developers, information systems managers and programmers – the STEM job cluster that has seen the most growth in recent decades – women’s representation has actually decreased from 32% in 1990 to 25% today. The share of blacks working in STEM jobs has gone from 7% in 1990 to 9% today (blacks make up 11% of the total U. Blacks in STEM jobs are particularly likely to say there is too little attention to racial and ethnic diversity where they work (57%).

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