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The theory is they were trying to prevent any emperor from engaging in self aggrandisement, thus appearing without his or her clothes. Secretary Lew’s choice of the freed slave and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman to one day feature on the note is an exciting one, especially given that she emerged as the choice of more than half a million voters in our online poll last Spring.

Not only did she devote her life to racial equality, she fought for women’s rights alongside the nation’s leading suffragists.

And now, we are dedicated to helping bring this important image back to the place where it was taken in Auburn, New York, site of the Tubman Home, which President Obama designated a National Park in the closing days of his administration.

We are proud to have been part of the historic campaign to bring Tubman, a great American hero, the recognition she deserves with her portrait appearing soon on a new bill.

So we urge you to join us in keeping this piece of American history in the public domain by clicking on #Bring Harriet Home and sharing this link with your family and friends. Women On 20s has, from its inception, been about equality, inclusion, recognition and respect for all women of all persuasions.The President elect's chief of staff Reince Priebus reportedly joked recently that the President-elect might one day grace the bill instead of Tubman.Thank goodness our Founding Fathers saw fit to rule that no living person could be featured in the portraits on our paper bills. After more than a year of campaigning to convince the U. Treasury to replace the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the bill with the face of a female American hero, Women On 20s is ready to claim victory, but only if Secretary Lew commits to issuing the new bill alongside the by 2020.If current Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew can get the presses cranking sooner, as referenced in the following Time article, this important, long-needed modification to our all-male currency will be all the more secure from politically motivated changes that could be initiated by the new administration.President-elect Trump said at the time of the announcement last April that replacing Andrew Jackson on the was "pure political correctness" and suggested putting Harriet Tubman on the bill instead.

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