Whos dating lauren conrad

The following month, Conrad announced her engagement to Tell via her blog.

An accompanying post on Instagram revealed that the engagement was as complete surprise to Conrad, as she showed off her engagement ring with the caption "Best surprise ever." The couple had a year-long engagement, with Conrad posting plenty of wedding planning updates at her blog, including how to enjoy the wedding planning process itself.

"They had picked out this boy — they had this idea that I needed to fall in love in Paris," she told the magazine.

Turns out that yes, blind dates can lead to lasting love. My parents — who just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary — also met on a blind date.)From that first blind date, their relationship took a whirlwind trip to wedded bliss: Conrad and Tell moved in together in September 2013 — just seven months after they began dating in February. More importantly, are Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth still friends?Viewers first met them way back in 2004 when they were seniors in high school on Laguna Beach.It's exciting news for Conrad, who's only been married to husband William Tell for a little over two years now. As it turns out, the pair first met in high school, according to Conrad's own blog.Before he was an entertainment lawyer, Tell was both a singer and guitarist for the band Something Corporate.

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