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He made both standard (#33) and the original Lumar whistling yo-yo. He always looked dapper, wearing a suit and tie or sport coat and his black hair slicked down.

He always seemed to be happy and at least acted like he genuinely enjoyed being around kids.

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It was for a yoyo "coupled together at their centers by means of a clutch".The Playmaxx variation on that theme being the addition of the "Lock Nut" to keep it from flying apart. It seems like they lived in either California or Florida at the time and I would see Eddie when they visited in Tulsa, so I never had an opportunity to know him well.At roughly the same time, Louis Marx (well know as a manufacturer of tin toys) started manufacturing tin yo-yos in the United Kingdom under the "Lumar" tradename. The thing I remember foremost about Eddie is that he was a sharp stylish dresser.What we do know is that a Filipino by the name of Flores did live in the San Francisco Bay area and did manufacture a toy labeled "Flores Yo-Yo" (Yo Yo is a Filipino word that means "Spring") in the 1920's. In return, the Flores company held competitions and the entrants were required to bring a quantity of new customers for the newspaper as their entry fee. Also in 1930, Alphonso Flores Mirafuentes discovered the value of being able to take a yoyo apart. In 1941 WW2 broke out and plastic was a controlled commodity. That launched plastic yoyos and remained the best method of getting a yoyo to return until "Brake Pad Technology" in 1997.This was done with a bolt and nut, basically the same as most yoyo companies are doing it today. Eddie married my aunt Nina (Mathewson) back in the 1940's.

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