Who is taylor swift dating these days

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Plus her dad’s in finance, she started as a country singer, and her name is Taylor Allison Swift.

Like, if she wasn’t famous, she’d be your garden variety Tri-Delt wearing Lilly Pulitzer and dating guys named Chad.

Some of whom just HAPPEN TO BE alt-right neo-Nazis?

Taylor Swift is best friends with Karlie Kloss, who is dating Josh Kushner, whose brother is Jared Kushner, whose wife is Ivanka Trump, whose father is the giant orange blimp better known as Donald fucking Trump.

And the final reason why we’ll never know who Taylor’s voting for is…

Sorry, as much as we love to speculate, it’s really not. I hunted them down, watched them, analyzed them, and now, I’m here with my findings.

I’m a content creator in Brooklyn but I wish I was living in the fictional town of Riverdale as Archie’s secret boyfriend.She prefers that people speculate their asses off and keep her name in the press as much as possible. Maybe you’ve heard, but Katy and Taylor don’t get along.And maybe you’ve also heard Katy Perry is ferociously guarding her position as number-one famous Hillary stan.Even if Taylor was voting for Hillary, she would never say anything and if she is voting for Trump, she could also never say anything for reason #3.Besides that one time T Swift dated a Kennedy, the only political thing Taylor’s really done in her life was write a letter about a musician’s right to make as much money as possible, which sounds like a pretty conservative cause to us.

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