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So while I was munching on some lightly buttered toast I wandered over to the computer and did what I intended to do in the first place- checked out the analytics. BTR since it was this site that coined these terms (and if we didn’t we still say we did): There were also a few searches for “sexy gorilla” and no, I did not try that myself. If you were one of the people who searched “sexy gorilla” then I ask you to please don’t send in an explanation. Aside from American Chopper, the show that gets the most searches is Hardcore Pawn. The usual customer is unemployed and is pawning her kid’s DVD player for .I only looked the past week because I scare easily. While there are a great many search terms that lead people here, like “American Chopper blog” and “tepid ride” that make sense, there are a great many more that I am not so sure I want to take ownership of. I get a schmabillion (that’s a million with a boatload of zeroes after it) searches for that show and I only wrote one single post about it! I went through the first five pages and no links for bmj2appeared. And I when I say “unemployed” I do not mean “without a job,” I mean “unemployable.” Lots of missing teeth, fat but with belly shirts, drunk, stoned, cannot put two intelligent words together, you get the idea. If guys running pawn shops didn’t already have a bad name he would give it to them. Les took the thing to the back and told the camera that “with a little cleaning” he could get ,000 for it. And he nickel-and-dimed the guy down from 0 to . I guess, but don’t tell me you are there to help people. He will buy someone’s ring so the customer can make his rent and in the same breath try to sell him something else.

Les talked about all the good times he had, all the warm memories the place held.

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He is always fighting with her, yelling at her, and running to his daddy to complain about her. That said, she is as cheap as the rest of the family and toes the whole “we are here to help you” line. It is hard enough dealing with the low-class entities that go to her shop, but she also has to put up with her family’s nonsense.

As far as dealing with customers he is as cheap as his father but quicker to antagonize them. Not only did the guy turn it down, he complained, and very rightly so, that all the ammo they used was worth a lot more than that. She knows what she is doing, those guys should shut up.

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