Who is ludacris dating right now

She told me to bend over the couch and she got behind me, I felt her tongue at my ass and gaspped as she started to lick it, she pushed it in and then pushed a finger in, she licked again and pushed her finger in more.She kept doing it untill her finger was all the way in, I quite liked the feeling even though it did hurt a bit.I knew she was hitting on me and I was more than a little shocked because no other girl had ever hit on me.I walked past her and as I did, she gently smacked me on my bum.I was in her power and to my own surprise I was loving it.I could feel myself getting wet and i reached out and grabbed one of her breasts, her nipple was rock hard and we kissed and touched for some time before she got on her knees in front of me and her tongue went to work on my pussy.OK first off you can call me Susan and I am a young 55, but the story I want to tell you Is about how I discovered just how naughty I was.

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I have no idea how long she was down there I lost track of time, but when I started to cum, it was so intence I screamed out, she kept licking and I kept cumming. She sat next to me and said it was my turn, I got down and i moved in close I stopped short and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in the rest of the way. I did my best and found her clit, I loved her taste and licked for all I was worth, she came quite quick and my whole face was wet from her.I was used to guys doing this to me but had no idea how to respond to a woman doing it.I turned round and she lifted her skirt again, she was not wearing anything under it and again she slid a finger in.Before the bar opened I had to run to the toilet and I almost made it, but my panties got quite wet and I had to take them off.Now I had never ever wore a skirt with nothing under it before and I felt quite naughty doing it.

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