Who is lori stokes dating

She is the co-anchor of the news program Eyewitness News this morning and Eyewitness News at noon.

She is a very famous and favorite anchor of all time of many people. Lori Stokes was born to Louis Stokes and Jay Stokes.

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Gaining all these experiences, at last in 1992, she became a full-time lead female anchor in WJLA- TV. She was the first African American to speak on the cable news network.

Lori was replaced by newcomer Ashleigh Banfield in 2000 from MSNBC’s Today in America.

11, 2001 terrorist attacks — Stokes made her final appearance as a WABC-7 staff member.

Ken Rosato, on the other hand..much in the other direction..innocuous he could just be the world's first be a talking doornob. while his tenure at abc7ny was troubled and made for great gossip, he and Lori were actually a pleasure to wake up to the in morning. habit and...that'd be one less thing i have to bitch while I'm on the topic--GMA--Sam Champion may be completely sculpted from plastic, but he's got a damn good rapport with the rest of the crew.

They had gread chemistry that definitely hasn't been duplicated-to any degree--since his departure. I have no idea why anyone would watch katie couric (before she moved to eve's) or Ann Curry (moron) and Matt Lauer (blech)--all 3 of them are weird, robotic, come across as insincere--when Diane Sawyer, Robin, Chris Cuomo, and Sam are so much more watchable.

And I'd pay some cash monies to see him kick Bill Evans' ass all over manhattan.)Am I alone in my hatred of Bill Evans???

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