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But I needed to express myself, and I was having a really hard time.

That’s when I discovered and got into the punk movement. I wrote it and I also included pages from my actual journals from when I was really young. Because I think a lot of people see me on Instagram and make assumptions about the kind of person I am.

, a low-level Cabinet member is thrown into the position of President of the United States after a catastrophic event kills everyone before him in the line of succession.

I reach to shake her hand and notice how small she is ― about half my size.Her energy's balanced and mellow, so I figure this should be an easy-ish day.We agree to begin the interview in between wardrobe changes, which gives me some time to observe her transformation in front of the camera.— is portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland, who wears glasses for the role.[Kiefer Sutherland Shows Off Swanky New Office] FBI Agent Hannah Wells is portrayed by model-turned-actress Maggie Q.

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