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Lucifer Morningstar moves away from business and looks for solitude at the beginning of the new season. Lucifer will continue to struggle not only with crime, but also with attempts of his relatives to bring him back in the 3rd season.However, he is forced to return after another murder and take part in the investigation. Moreover, Lucifer will have a new enemy, who will not be afraid to tempt the devil himself.i Zombie season 4 is the continuation of the story about Olivia Moore who turned into a walking dead.They leave all friends and relatives, the whole familiar world for them, going back to the past for 250 years, to live their years in silence and peace there.The fear of a terrible death forces them sacrifice a lot, but a new place does not promise a carefree life, which they so hoped for.In addition, a new dangerous villain named Groaner appeared in the city.

Thus, the new mission will lead the fighters of Seal Team Six to Western Europe and Russia, where their confrontation with the global network of jihadists will almost provoke the Third World War …

Moreover, dying people sacrifice their brains to support the life of zombies.

Olivia, Major and Ravi have to cope with the crisis in society.

It is noteworthy that some “guests” have supernatural abilities and are ready to go to great lengths so that there will not be certain events in the future.

But those, who are interested in the military scenario, cross the time after the refugees.

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