Who is brett dennen dating

Valentine's Day is nothing if not an exercise in nostalgia.For soulful folk musician Brett Dennen, however, holding on to the past is also a powerful tool in songwriting. "It's fine, as long as you don't believe any of it."Random Notes: Hottest Rock Pictures Dennen doesn't want to get caught up in what other people think, and on his joyous new track "Wild Child," the folk singer-songwriter breaks free from pressure."What's worse is when we start lying to ourselves, saying we have to be a certain way because others want us to be, because we think that we will be loved more," Dennen says. I’d been working so hard, so my girlfriend and I decided to really commit to the mountains. An area like that, with mountains and trees and few people, has got to be inspiring. A lot of the songs were written outdoors, in the spirit of being out in the country or up in the hills, and everything was sorta centered around that idea. It’s a station from down in the valley, but it’s the only one we get up there, and it’s the classic rock station. I’d just been touring so much, and any time I’d be off [the road], I’d go up into the mountains. Usually, when I make a record, I like to go find someplace nice and write.

Why did you choose to work with [producer] Charlie Peacock? There’s still plenty of spontaneity and intimate moments, but most of the set is pretty familiar to people.

While lyrics rise as a storm behind his eyes, the music serves up soothing grooves to the air of an indomitable voice.

"I've never thought about the big picture, about what's at hand before," said Dennen.

He obviously does great stuff with voices and guitars. And you chose record at his place in Nashville, rather than stay in California. t’s a little prairie chapel, built in the early 1900s, which he and his wife have turned it into his house. He brought all his musician friends there — all the players he usually cuts records with — so that was a bit nerve-wracking. Most of the time, though, it was just me and Charlie, talking about the songs and getting the full idea of each one. New songs aside, it feels great to be touring now, playing songs that people know really well.

Anyone who’s got the first Civil Wars album knows that. The Civil Wars record and the Lone Bellow record were a big reason, primarily because of the mood Charlie created in those records. You’re touring again, and the audiences are getting bigger. In my early touring years, I alway felt like I was introducing myself to audiences.

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