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They kind of like each other and just after they made love for the first time, she reveals her pregnancy to him.He decides to stick around and they continue to build their relationship, during those sometimes “difficult” months of pregnancy.We can only imagine that things got hot between these two.They both carried the weight of their past and their present lifestyles with them……not good quality relationship material at all. this movie would most probably tip the scale to the side of bizarre relationships.Most people who have known each other for years already, struggle to adjust, so for two people just starting to build a relationship it can turn out to be a “comedy”.Who cannot help but to fall in love with the wonderful Dr Andy Yablonski in ?

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Up until now we have only seen her in five episodes of the series.

After 33 years of marriage he eventually “kills” her. As a grownup she fascinates him and he can’t help falling in love with her.

A love that he does not want to pursue for many reasons.

First there is Michael’s wife Mrs Carter, who turns a blind eye to the life her husband lives. I have already called them replacements for his mother, but they definitely also play a part in his weird love/lust life.

She is a religious woman who made herself believe that her husband was serving these women with good deeds (Feeding them while naked and without his wedding ring – service indeed! And then he went and married a pistol in – the words of Will Bryant as spoken by Alex.

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