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“It’s so easy for people on the outside to try to posit personal experiences into a political context, and terms like ‘queer identity’ — sure, I can look from the outside and think that, but from a personal perspective, no.” Brownstein felt closer to her father after discovering his truth, but it because she's also queer. In relation to my father, I wasn’t couching it in terms of, well, now we share a ‘queer identity’ — that seems like a slightly political way of looking at it.

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Outing has certainly been perfected since the days I was outed.

Apparently, their romance started out as a tight friendship that eventually evolved into something more, and if the reports are true, it sounds like they're insanely happy together.

Nothing has been confirmed about whether or not Schilling and Brownstein are actually a couple, but if they're not together, they're definitely BFFs.

A week later, Brownstein is on the Out 100, a list compiled by ) celebrating the most influential and powerful LGBT people — a list that includes Jennicet Gutierrez, Lee Daniels, and Caitlyn Jenner.

The singer-actress recognizes the impact of being out, but she doesn't want the public to assume that it's something "owed" to them by public figures.

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