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Jack is turning Melanie in her knees in doggy style position and rams his huge cock inside her. He is getting old and he has promised to sign over the beach house to me if I help his take care of the place whenever he is there. When I asked her to work harder at school, and how she thinks she is going to make it in this world, her answer shocked me: "I always have my pussy and my tits! When I get to the beach house today to see my uncle and clean up, I walk into a totally shocking scene that no mom should ever have to see: my young daughter on her knees, sucking her grand-uncle's cock!

She obediently opens her mouth and starts to suck his huge cock. He spread my ass cheeks and rams his big cock inside me. I beg him to stop, but he doesn't care, and to tell you the truth, watching Melanie sucking enthusiastically on Jack's cock and feeling my brother's dick filling every nook and cranny of my cunt gets me so excited that I'm soon moaning and screaming. Keywords: pussy, brother/sister, forced blowjobs, forced orgasms, forced fucking, big cocks, deep throat, big tits, doggy style, foursome, older men/young women, 18 year old, melanie hicks, tatiana petrova My uncle owns a beautiful beach house. And there's my daughter sucking and licking it like a pro. Today I come home, and my step-son, who is only a few years younger than I, is there. He forces me to tell him why I'm going to church dressed like that.

My brother Mac has found an investor for my limo business. And he came with a pretty big check that he will give me once he got the copies of all the relevant documents. She is pulling off my top and my skirt, exposing my boobs and my legs and butt to uncle and he immediately sticks his fingers in my pussy! When Nikki asks him who is getting the beach house now, uncle says he has not decided. You see, he believes that a lot of the stuff we do with our husbands in our bedrooms are sinful, unnatural. But as he is a very understanding priest, he doesn't blame us, he knows our husband's force us to do these things.

That's going to make for an interesting dinner with dad... My slutty daughters puts some of it in my face and forces me to swallow! At first I thought his methods were a bit weird, but when I saw how much the other selected church ladies believed in him, I, too, became a follower. That's when I hear my hubby's car stopping in front of the house. I try to clean my face as much as I can, but when I run out to greet him, he realizes there's something wrong here...

with their doctors or therapists; their hunger for prohibited relationships i.e.

with their brothers, with their own or their husband's bosses, with religious or other leaders. It's all coming to life right here and: YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT - most scenes are shot so you become the male in the story.

For some reason he is jealous that I cum faster and harder on toys than on his dick.

I got so many confessions from visitors to my other Clips4Sale stores and websites, and lots of true-life stories from actual MILFs through my Word Press Blog, that I decided to film them. E-mail us: [email protected] view our clips just use Windows Media Player or any other compatible player. At which point he pulls me down over his knees, pushes up my beach dress, and starts spanking me! I try not to walk too sexy, but for some reason I do! I sit him down on the sofa on the porch, and of course my robe opens and exposes my boobs. When I come back with the drinks, I spill some on the floor and wipe it up with paper towels. Incredible and at times disturbing stories that happened to MILF's which they kept secret. All videos are fantasy involving fictional characters. We welcome your comments Do you have a MILF story or fantasy you would like us to play out on this site? CUSTOM VIDEOS We shoot high quality custom videos, just for you! Names, characters, places and incidents are used fictitiously. MILF's forced fantasies; their lust for young men; their desires for quick sex i.e. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or deceased, is entirely coincidental. These videos and scenes are about role playing fantasies only and were performed by professional actors and models, all of whom consented to all sexual acts depicted therein. So I'm cleaning my best friend's house while she is giving birth at the clinic.

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