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So thankful to work for the Best with the Best😃 Thank you Hour Detroit readers for the 5th consecutive Best TV Anchor honor, I’m truly humbled and thankful to have the job I love in the city...

Ron Gillum, Sr., my hero and best role model a girl could ask for a very Happy Birthday today🎂🎉 I am truly blessed to have...

Ford and Cobb, both 27, spoke their vows on a perfect summer day in the limestone fortress with the red doors on Woodward Avenue and E. The Fords, of course, have been Detroit’s first family for 100 years, and Ellie Ford's grandfather, William Clay Ford Sr., owns the Detroit Lions.

That wasn’t difficult; there was little interest among the Detroit media, and Ford Motor was guarded in what it let a spokeswoman discuss.

That was a huge contrast to the wedding of Ellie Ford’s grandparents, William Clay Ford Sr.

Flight attendants were unable to calm the woman as she repeatedly hit her husband, causing the pilots to make the decision to make an emergency landing in India on 5 November.

The flight was on its way from Doha to Bali when the incident took place, forcing the plane to land in India so that the couple and their child could be removed from the plane. No police action was taken," an unnamed source told the.

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