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After a couple of friendly shots of Remy XO, the guy agreed to trade the ’57 for Buddy’s red polka Strat, and 0 on top of that.(full story, and the name of the person who traded in Buddy’s Strat is posted on a couple of forums, but for privacy reasons we decided to leave it out)It is not clear when Buddy exactly played this guitar.

He began learning the guitar on a hand-made two-string diddley bow, but later switched to a Harmony acoustic guitar which his father bought him.

The guitar featured in the video is obviously early to mid 60 Strat with 3-tone sunburst finish, but that’s about all the information we get.

Buddy played on it maybe just a few more times, and went back to his 1957/58 maple Stratocaster.

He was approached by a guy who bought the guitar at a local music shop, and brought it to Buddy for an autograph – not knowing that the guitar was actually Buddy’s Strat.

After Buddy saw the guitar, and spotted what it was, he asked him how much he wanted for it.

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