Venezuela dating culture

Clashes with police erupted afterward, after the opposition leaders had left, and resulted in three deaths.

Maduro accused Lopez of leading a 'fascist' plot to oust the socialist government, the political legacy of the late Hugo Chavez, and authorities issued an arrest warrant for him.

They go over (table-top mountains), up and down vertical cliff faces, and along ways that make them utterly impractical for use by the casual or commercial traveler. Paul Devereux, a British scholar and writer in the so called "Earth Mysteries" field has suggested that these lines (and others he has studied around the world) are better understood as markings that represent the out-of-body spirit travels of ancient shamans.

Archaeological research does indeed indicate that the lines often lead to small shrine-like structures where evidence of religious and shamanistic activity is common.

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Known as the Chaco Canyon complex, the site was the main social and ceremonial center of the Anasazi culture.

Pueblo Bonito (meaning "pretty village" in Spanish; the original Anasazi name being unknown) had more than six hundred rooms, numerous two- and three-storey buildings, several ceremonial structures called , and a population between 8 persons. Army soldiers, the site was severely vandalized for seventy years until it was made a national monument in 1907.

From tree-ring dating, it is known that a period of great drought came upon the Chaco area in AD 1150, causing the abandonment of the site. In 1920, National Geographic Society began a thorough reconstruction of the site.

By AD 1060, however, the Chacoans were sourcing trees from the Chuska Mountains, about 75 kilometers to the west.

The switch coincides with an expansion of the Chacoan culture in the area, and the building of many new great houses.

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