Validating xml parser definition

You may find that you prefer one tool's error reporting format to another's. By the way, in theory you need to submit a given document to only one parser to ensure its "correctness." After all, the XML Recommendation is what it is, right?

(To their credit, the parser authors have always been very receptive to bug reports -- or, as the occasion warrants, to pointing out that it's my interpretation of the spec that's at fault! well-formedness consideration as with the online checkers.attribute for an XML Schema without namespaces, in the root/top-level element, or in any other element of the XML Document.In our case, we'll use the example of an XML document, Xml Document Url, that contains an As I explained previously, an XML Schema—in our example, Schema Url—defines the structure of an XML document.In the grand tradition of Perlians throughout history, you will of course use an existing parser -- say, XML:: Parser -- rather than writing your own.(In this case, you'll find that XML:: Parser is built on the same expat, written in C, that's at the heart of the Mozilla browser.) Or maybe you're using the Oracle 8 database management system to read in and emit XML from its relational tables -- why bother even looking at some parser other than the one that comes with Oracle, and risking potential incompatibilities?

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