Validating username and password in servlet

bin/client Logging in as karaf 360 [pool-2-thread-3] WARN org.client.keyverifier.

Accept All Server Key Verifier - Server at / presented unverified key: __ __ ____ / //_/____ __________ _/ __/ / ,bin\Logging in as karaf 360 [pool-2-thread-3] WARN org.client.keyverifier. Password authentication Password: __ __ ____ / //_/____ __________ _/ __/ / , The time argument can have different formats.

Karaf can be used standalone as a container, supporting a wide range of applications and technologies. shell:logout shell:more shell:new shell:printf shell:sleep shell:sort shell:source shell:stack-traces-print shell:tac shell:tail shell:threads shell:watch shell:wc shell:while shutdown sleep sort source ssh ssh ssh-host-change ssh-port-change ssh:ssh stack-traces-print start start-level status stop su sudo system system:framework system:name system:property system:shutdown system:start-level system:version tac tail threads tree-show uninstall update user-add user-delete user-list version version-list wait watch wc while bundle:list --help DESCRIPTION bundle:list Lists all installed bundles.

It also supports the "run anywhere" (on any machine with Java, cloud, docker images, …​) using the embedded mode. SYNTAX bundle:list [options] [ids] ARGUMENTS ids The list of bundle (identified by IDs or name or name/version) separated by whitespaces OPTIONS -name, -n Show bundle name -u Shows the update locations -r Shows the bundle revisions --no-ellipsis -l Show the locations -s Shows the symbolic name --context, -c Use the given bundle context (defaults to 0) --help Display this help message -t Specifies the bundle threshold; bundles with a start-level less than this value will not get printed out.

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #******************************************************************** # Wrapper Properties #******************************************************************** set.default. additional.1=-Dkaraf.home=%KARAF_HOME% additional.2=-Dkaraf.base=%KARAF_BASE% additional.4=-Dkaraf.etc=%KARAF_ETC% additional.5=management.jmxremote additional.6=-Dkaraf.start Local Console=false additional.7=-Dkaraf.start Remote Shell=true # Uncomment to enable jmx #additional.n=management.jmxremote.port=1616 #additional.n=management.jmxremote.authenticate=false #additional.n=management.jmxremote.ssl=false # Uncomment to enable Your Kit profiling #additional.n=-Xrunyjpagent # Uncomment to enable remote debugging #additional.n=-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE #additional.n=-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005 # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB) #initmemory=3 # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB) maxmemory=512 #******************************************************************** # Wrapper Logging Properties #******************************************************************** # Format of output for the console.

Even if you start Apache Karaf without the console (using server or background modes), you can connect to the console. It means that you can access to Karaf console remotely.The purpose is to simplify the features installation and lifecycle.The new resolver now checks the feature requirements (defined directly in the features XML), and check which bundles provides the capabilities to satisfy these requirements.(Default: karaf) (defaults to karaf) -D, --description The description of the service.(defaults to ) wrapper:install Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/bin/karaf-wrapper Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/bin/karaf-service Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/etc/Creating missing directory: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/lib/wrapper Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/lib/wrapper/Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/lib/wrapper/Creating file: /opt/apache-karaf-4.0.0/lib/wrapper/Setup complete.

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