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Blizzard has announced a schedule of micro-holidays meant to commemorate real-world events...Blizzard Entertainment plan to drop the name for their online platform and service, which they have used since 1996.But in World of Warcraft Legion, all classes will compete to get the gears without fixed primary stats and DKP will not ever be enough for you.The Alpha test is going on and more players are invited in.

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Now, at the end of Legion, there’s a lot of people looking to sell their Wo W accounts. Most players who are done with the game will just cancel their subscription and leave their accounts frozen.

Now World of Warcraft team has arranged an event giving you the chance to join the other thousands of testers in the upcoming expansion.

I must admit, that title sounds wrong after a while, but let's pretend it doesn't.

You might not be so familiar with Nostalrius and its closure might not bother you in the raid of Draenor, but many nostalgic World of Warcraft players will probably sigh at the shut-down of this emulator server.

It is known to all Wo Wers that Arthas and Jaina should be a happy couple while it is great pity that Arthas picked up the Frostmourne for revenge and became the Lich King. There would be only one thing that all classes would shout out loud to get in the raid, it used to be the mounts.

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