Updating war file

In this example, we are creating a war file called The WEB-INF/lib folder is populated with the jar files from the thirdpartyjars folder.However, we are excluding the as this is already present in the application server's lib folder.The variable refers to the output folder - This is where the classes for the WAR package can be found.

This WAR-file gets deployed using ANT at the tomcat server.

Creating WAR files with Ant is extremely simple, and very similar to the creating JAR files task.

After all, WAR file, like JAR file is just another ZIP file.

When updating a web archive (WAR) file that is currently deployed on a server, "create Nested Load Strategy Could not create temp file" messages might be written to the System file.

The messages do not adversely affect deployment of the WAR file, and even with the messages, you can update the WAR file on the server successfully.

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