Updating records in dataset

The transaction data set can also contain new variables to be added to the output data set.The output data set contains one observation for each observation in the master data set.All nonmissing values for variables in the transaction data set replace the corresponding values that are read from the master data set.SAS writes the modified observations to the data set that you name in the DATA statement without modifying either the master or the transaction data set.

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This variable is initialized to 0 and is set to 1 when UPDATE processes the last observation. However, to reduce processing time, you can create a transaction data set that contains only those variables that are being updated.If any transaction observations do not match master observations, they become new observations in the output data set.Observations that are not to be updated can be omitted from the transaction data set.The new observation may be modified by other observations from the transaction data set before it is written to the new data set.Dropping, keeping, and renaming variables is often useful when you update a data set.

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