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Since all modern Linux distributions that ship GTK will ship a more recent version of the Cairo library, it was decided to stop shipping the library.If you are running an older Linux distribution that does not include cairo, you will have to install the cairo library (any version greater than 1.2) A: You can but it is not recommended.The article Creating Your Own Widget using SWT describes the reasons in detail: In extreme circumstances, you may need to subclass a widget other than Canvas or Composite.We recommend against doing this unless all other avenues have been explored and exhausted.The SWT JNI libraries are included in the SWT download.A Java application can be informed of the location of the libraries in several ways: A: Yes.To force the VM to run in 64-bit mode, use the -d64 option as VM argument in your launch configuration.

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(Remember to dispose both images when you are done with them).For example, a 100% Java portable Picture Label is not an SWT native Label.When subclassing anything other than Composite or Canvas you must override the method protected void check Subclass() to do nothing.In the case of eclipse, the executable is To turn off anti-aliasing of fonts you should use the facilities available in your desktop if possible, such as the Gnome Font Properties dialog.An alternate approach is to ensure that your ~/or system-wide file contains the following: A: The SWT JNI libraries must be found at runtime.

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