Updating pc studio

Enter the CMS and Administrator password details: The install then starts: The install is then finished: My old Design Studio Application can now be stopped and deleted, since it’s never going to be used again.

Instead a new Lumira Server Service will do all the work of what the old ‘Analysis Applications’ service did.

As I mentioned in this blog I strongly recommend installing all the Lumira components. It means your configuration is no longer tied to a decision you make at install time, you might want to run some components on other machines later.

I not only recommend you install all the Lumira components, but also to install all these Lumira components on all the machines in your cluster. Additionally, some components, like the WACS requires an update for Lumira, so you might as well install all components everywhere, otherwise you won’t be able to run WACS anywhere.

KBA 2521113) This means you can update directly from say Lumira 2.0 SP2 to Lumira 2.1 SP1, by just applying the ‘patch’.

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You need to install the ‘patch’ Lumira 2.x BI Platform Add-on.If you’re updating your SAP Business Objects BI Platform to Lumira 2.x then you’ll have a few questions about the various server Add-ons.This blog provides a high-level view of the steps you need to follow to update your Design Studio 1.x and Lumira 1.x Add-ons to Lumira 2.x.Since you already have Lumira installed, albeit version 1.x, you need to ‘patch’ from Lumira 1 to Lumira 2.You need to install the ‘full’ Lumira 2.x BI Platform Add-on.

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