Updating older motorhomes

So with a few easy changes, we feel we truly turned our camper into a home.With our success despite our lack of renovation and interior decorating experience, we know that can do these simple updates.

It will be a more delicate job than using a Paint Scraper because the sanding could easily dent the fibreglass, which means more work for David.

You decide, because when the couple was done renovating this trailer, it looked so impressive that the parents asked for it back!

🙂 As you look at the pre-renovation photos, you can see that there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the interior decor. Some may even say it was in above-average condition considering its age.

If you know us, you will know that David is the perfectionist and he builds/designs/creates/renovate everything in our Motorhome!

He has done all of the work by himself, and wont let anyone work on our Motorhome!

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