Updating my toshiba dvd drive

Update the DVD driver with the latest version of software from the manufacturer's Check that the sound card is compatible with the computer and use a DVD decoder for the drive.x.Open an MS-DOS prompt and type dir /s after changing directory to the CD-ROM drive. Edit the registry by clicking on Start-regedit in the Search boxb.If an error message appears, the drive cannot read the contents of the disk.c. You may have to enter the administrator password if requestedc.

Currently, all computers are equipped with CD players and many come with RW DVD players.Let us look at some of the major problems users face when trying to create a CD or DVD. If the first one does not work, continue with the next.If all of the solutions for a particular problem do not work, it is time to ask for professional help. Check all the cables, monitor, keyboard and mouse functionality.b.In the Value Data box, add the correct binary value 0000 95 00 00 00 by right-clicking and modifying the entryg. Determine that Windows recognizes the installed CD-ROM drive.Invoke the Windows Explorer to verify that a drive letter is assigned to the new driveg.

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