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- A Hackintosh-compatible computer with 10 GB of free space: This is the computer where you will install OS X Mountain Lion.It can be the same computer as the one mentioned in the previous point.Updating the Hack-i-ntosh or OSX86 install is a very panic process for newbies, so we advise you to make the backup of your system before hitting the update process.If this is the first time you are updating your hackintosh then read this guide twice before getting started. X to 10.5.8 with Combo Update remember you must have patched your DSDT.This guide is for Non vanila or hacked kernel & INTEL based system only. If you are upgrading from 10.5.7 then download Delta Update.

Plug your USB drive into Mac OS X, and open Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder). Click the "Options" button before applying your new partition layout.

However, if you're setting up i Atkos from Mac OS X, you can use a 8 GB or larger USB drive instead of a dual-layer DVD.

You will need to erase all of the files on your USB drive beforehand, so make sure to back up its contents first.

- Trans Mac (, 2-week free trial): If you're using a Windows computer to set up i Atkos, you need to use Trans Mac to write ("burn") the i Atkos disk image file onto your dual-layer DVD or Bluray disc.

You don't actually need to purchase Trans Mac; the free trial works fine.

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