Updating eee pc web browser updating netapp firmware

Thanks for the help guys, I'll go through this step by step as I still need to try this puppy first lol So I downloaded UNetbootin and since I'm using a Windows XP right now I clicked on the download link for WIndows.

I opened the app and from the ''Select Distribution'' I selected Puppy Linux and the ''version'' to Latest Live because it was the only one the be honest.

I wanted to sell the netbook for a low price because I don't think it costs anything no more but it's almost brand new and want to make the most out of it.

Puppy is by far the best option for this computer in my opinion too.

Besides the small RAM, with only a 4GB SSD there isn't enough room for much else. I have Puppy installed to a 4Gi B partition on my laptop, and there's plenty of space for it.

Opera Speed Dial (providing a shortcut to online favorites) has also been customized for the new ASUS touchscreen computers."Eee Top PC brings flexibility into the home with its portable nature and user-friendliness for both new and advanced users.

To ensure its success, we required a compatible software solution that could be optimized for the touchscreen computer," says HH Cheng, General Manager of Desktop System Business at ASUSTe K.

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