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If you neglect to update your DEERS information, you and your military family might experience an unexpected lapse in TRICARE health care coverage.Changes that impact the status of your military family include marriage, birth, divorce, or death, and each event must be reported to DEERS in order that your TRICARE eligibility can be maintained.This can sometimes be overlooked, especially when a child is born.Newborn children must be entered into DEERS immediately and as a result, are often entered before a Social Security number has been issued to them.This means that every time you move you will need to update your DEERS information.You have a few options for updating your information with the exception of adding a new family member or updating a Social Security number (which must be done in person): It is essential to keep your information up to date in DEERS or you may risk losing military benefits or may even possibly be fined.

Maintaining correct DEERS information is critical; old or incorrect information often creates delays and problems with TRICARE claims.When you or your military family member is Medicare-eligible, your DEERS status must be updated to reflect MEDICARE Part A and B in order for you to retain your TRICARE coverage.When you turn 65, the medical section of your military ID card may also need to be updated.The service member can add a new family member into DEERS in person at any military ID card-issuing facility.Service members are also expected to update DEERS with any change in the sponsor’s service status, change in contact information, or change in family-status (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death).

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