Updating adm files

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For instance, you'll find Software Restriction Policy, Group Policy Software Installation, Folder Redirection, and, yes, the one we utilize most: Administrative Templates.So how do all those in-the-box policy settings for Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates and User Configuration | Administrative Templates get there in the first place?If you right-click the words "Administrative Templates" in the GPOE and select "Add/Remove Templates" on either the User or Computer side, you'll see the default templates that make up the standard configuration in Figure 1. Use them to pack some knowledge into your definition file and control your target application. Specifically, the files cannot perform the following: To overcome these limitations, Microsoft and some third parties have solutions to assist you.Two new nodes will appear: Computer Configuration | Nuisances (because of nopassport.adm) and User Configuration | Microsoft Office Word 2003 (because of Word11.adm).If you dive down into the Microsoft The settings that are contained within the Word 2003 ADM file write to these proper locations, but the file doesn't—writes to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Messenger Service\Passport Balloon.

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