Understanding the accommodating intraocular lens

IOL technology is constantly evolving with the development of newer varieties.

For example, some of the newer IOLs have a soft design that makes them foldable during implantation, allowing for a significantly smaller corneal incision.

A shift of the IOL optic in a dual-optic accommodative IOL can effect about 2.5–3.0 D of accommodation (Mc Leod et al.

Results with accommodative IOLs so far have been mixed.

Other objective measurement methods, however, failed to discover significant differences in change of focus of the eye (Findl and Leydolt ).

The first results with double-optic accommodating IOLs showed a subjective accommodative amplitude of about 3.2 D.

However, they are not typically used as a treatment for nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) as there are less invasive treatments available for these common vision problems.Most IOLs are round devices made of plastic, acrylic or silicone that measure about a quarter of an inch in diameter.Some may have two “arms” designed to keep the device in place once implanted.All accommodating IOLs currently available are based on the principle of translation of the IOL optic.By means of a hinge or a similar mechanism in the IOL, haptic contraction of the ciliary muscle is expected to effect an anterior shift of the IOL optic and thus increase the power of the eye.

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