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You can and you should, just not in the exact same way.Narrator and you have different values, different goals, and different wants in life.Most of us are in , meaning we do the things we do only because we’ve been doing them for a long time.

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As much as we all love idolizing Tyler, most of us are not prepared to burn everything we own and live in an abandoned house with our other personality. Instead, we should understand why we are so attracted to this character in the first place — he represents a successful version of ourselves.It’s ridiculous when you think about it: we live our lives unhappy because we’ve been unhappy for a long time, which makes us unhappy in the first place.It’s a vicious predestination paradox which governs how we feel about ourselves and our lives in general.Tyler Durden says: “You are not special, but nobody is really special. Suddenly, instead of thinking “I am not good enough” the conversation becomes “Hey, nobody is good enough!” Every single one of us has those two sides, but only some manifest their inner Tyler Durden, a version of ourselves living in the moment.

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