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Would I join if I was single looking for a CIS bride?Yes, however, me personally, I would more likely join something like a Christian or Catholic dating site as I believe Elena’s models is more generic and a large cast of the next rather than niche.They strict anti-scam filtering, when you are dealing with poorer countries you are going to have people preying on people with money.I do not work for or do not have any connection with the company, rather I have been following them for years.

They give it up MORE than a website where you just ask for it in your profile.

Frankly we have never seen a review that is so far from any reality or truth we can only assume the intent is to mislead and confuse any reader for commercial gain.

We state as normal that any respected media, legal authority or Government agency is welcome into our office and have full access to every part of our operation of 19 years, including viewing all computer code, phone records and interview employees to verify our simple but very effective dating website and membership system. F (obviously not a member of Elena’s Models as we would never allow a name without verification by our staff). Paying members can share with another member by their own choice contact information.

As with any site you have to have a good attitude and be willing to put time and effort in contacting people and yes there are many fake profiles.

Anything that looks too good to be true probably is.

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