Trolling online dating

My N, by the way, has been trolling dating sites for just over seven years now, and he trolled his way through a six year “relationship” with the victim prior to me.

I’m really glad I never became physically involved with him – God knows what STDs he has.

I think there are several reasons people use dating sites.

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Why should I invest any time in a man who is obviously only seeing me until he finds something “better? People seem to think that if they don’t continue trolling they might be “settling” in some way.They could have sex with a different woman every night of the week if they wanted to.Some were in “committed” relationships with two or three women and their rationale for this behavior was that they were entitled to do that, because what if they dumped the others in favor of just one and that one turned out to be “crazy?Pop-psychology, and all sorts of relationship self-help books would have us believe that we are entitled to have everything we want and that there is ONE person out there who will magically have every quality we’ve ever idealized about, and that ONE person is just around the dating site corner.I’m now convinced that online dating is just a relationship disaster waiting to happen.

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