Trends in online dating

“As the supply of potential new dates increases, the demand for first date requests in coffee shops will follow the same trend.

A new step will develop, where the majority of people will have a “first virtual date”, before meeting in person for the second or “first real” date.” Ben, Head of Innovation.

Social media-driven profiling “One area I expect to grow considerably in the coming years is profile validation.

Dating sites will incorporate users’ social wealth – analysing their Facebook friend lists and online persona, to give increased confidence for the authenticity of the profile.

As VR headsets make exotic destinations just an app away, VR can also make it possible for two people miles away to go on a "date" together in a digital space. When it's digital, you can go anywhere (and also save a buck or two)!

This type of interaction can be excellent for long-distance matches who are meeting for the first time, or even for staying connected to a current partner in a long distance relationship. Apps like Coffeemeetsbagel take the stress and time out of searching for a good match by sending you one quality match per day.

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Sensory elements will populate the online dating industry.” Nuria, PPC Specialist.

This will make it nearly impossible for scammers to target users of online dating sites and will grow trust within the online dating industry.” Ross Williams, Co-Founder & CEO.

“Algorithms will coordinate with social media-driven profiling, to know your (online) tastes better.

White Label has also won ‘Best Dating Software Provider’ for three consecutive years (2010-2012) at the industry awards, i Date.

More dating applications are being made every day to capitalize on dating niches.

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