Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions

For more information about using this wizard, see How to: Create a Publication and Define Articles (SQL Server Management Studio).You cannot enable updating subscriptions after a publication is created.Because queued updating subscriptions allow modifications to the same data at multiple locations, there may be conflicts when data is synchronized at the Publisher.Replication detects any conflicts when changes are synchronized with the Publisher and resolves those conflicts using the resolution policy you selected when creating the publication.

In the following steps, publication databases A, B, and C are in a peer-to-peer transactional replication topology.The Subscription Properties dialog box at the Subscriber allows you to view and set properties for pull subscriptions.Each property in the Subscription Properties dialog box includes a description.You can restore all databases in a replication topology if recent backups are available and the appropriate steps are followed.The restore steps for the publication database depend on the type of replication and options that are used; however, the restore steps for all other databases are independent of the type and options.

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