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Leave each other post-its, and send text messages about what you hope your date will be like.

(Note: Be sure you are sending the text to your date, not your friend. Like an ancient martial art, the craft of dating (Date-foo) has core techniques that can serve to maximize the experience for both parties.

She’ll roll her eyes but ultimately give in because she needs to get back to texting.3.

Sit close: If you are at dinner, sit on the same side of the booth. Unless, of course, you text each other in a provocative way…wait, that’s bad.5.

Japanese Sashiko Textiles27 February – 10 April (closed 2 -5 April inc)Originated by York Museums Trust and researched by Michele Walker, this is the first major touring exhibition of Japanese Sashiko Textiles to be mounted in the UK and the Collins Gallery is the sole Scottish venue for this visually stunning and comprehensive collection.

Sashiko (sashi-to stitch and ko-small) is a technique similar to quilting characterised by geometric patterns stitched in white on indigo coloured cloth.

” Good conversations are the best part of a loving and romantic date.8.

Be spontaneous: If you happen upon a concert in the park or at your local coffee house, be willing to change your plans and just enjoy it together if it’s something that you both are interested in. Accepting that your house might resemble a crime scene worthy of a Bill Curtis voice over will actually lower the stress level of returning with your spouse and improve the enjoyment of the date.

”, “Tell me your Top 10 restaurant dishes”, and “If we could move anywhere, where would you pick?

” It should not include such topics as “What is wrong with your mother?

”, “Check out this patch of athlete’s foot” or “Remember in high school when I dated ________?

”Simply put, a date IS the two of you, enjoying an activity that you both relish, or trying something new you both are interested in.

It should be mutually agreed upon and inspire enthusiasm from both parties.

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