The psychological factors in dating dating in nursing home

However, Zimmer and Ginerbec (2001) find dating has a positive effect on the emotional health of adolescents. al., (2001) study dating status, academic performance, and motivation in high schools in the US state of California, showing that students who dated more frequently had a lower academic performance.

The study supported a significant relationship between dating status and academic achievement, which can cause serious problems among university students (Prisbell,1986).

(2003) on learning motivation and interaction in school shows that student perception of instructional behaviour sustains their involvement in classroom.

Jackson, Weiss, Lundquist, and Hooper (2003) examine the degree to which cognitive motivation predicts academic performance.

Student cults may have a pronounced effect on the academic performances in institutions of higher education.

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They supported the hypothesis stated by Mynell (2004) more involvement in school activities means a better grade point average.

These daily stressors do not cause anxiety by themselves.

Stress results from interactions between stressor and the individual's perception and reaction to them (Romano, 1992).

A student may be influenced to be involved in any of the stated variables.

The question is how one strikes a balance between the stressful academic attainment and social activities.

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