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It is an additional tragedy that men are often the most reluctant to seek professional help, viewing it as a sign of unacceptable weakness.Of course violence is not the most common response to the loss of a relationship but we are all familiar with the many other coping strategies that are less than helpful.A man who is losing his partner will feel out of control of his life.Anger can be a tool to regain power, punishing with words and deeds the person who seems to be causing the pain. “She cheated on me, she was always drinking, she was a lousy wife/mother/sister.” We have all heard these howls from our friends who are separated.While our society continues to teach men to hide or avoid expression of their feelings, those feelings do not go away.

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Violence includes damaging objects and possessions as well as hurting other people.

Many people are surprised to learn that a majority of divorces are initiated by women. The fact that men are deeply affected by divorce, especially if they did not choose that solution, is not hard to understand.

Myths persist that men are less in need of the comfort and support that a stable relationship provides but this is not the case.

As a psychologist, I frequently work with men whose partners have left them.

They are often surprised by the level of anguish they experience.

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