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Bandleader Nick entertained us with short stories about Glenn Miller and the music and sang like the ‘greats’ of Sinatra and Bennett.The quartet of singers enhanced the music with great style.Saw the Orchestra again in Bay City Michigan and again it was a great night.I am so disappointed you are skipping Jacksonville FL this year. Please, please, please come back to Jacksonville next year!!! Regretfully my wife couldn’t attend she was with our grandson.Then about 6-months later I was able to enjoy an evening of Glenn Miller with my wife and two friends for both dinner and dancing with the same orchestra line up.I enjoyed watching people in their 60’s and 70’s dancing and you could see the years fall away in their eyes.I have always been a fan of the Big Bands and in particular Glenn Miller.Several years ago you came to Newmarket Ontario for a dinner and dance and I jumped at the chance to attend.

I saw your show last night at the (Dixie) Hal Holbrook theater in Huntingdon, Tn. My youngest son who is in his 40’s went with me and he loved it. I hope someday you will come back close enough so that I can see you again. I would not have considered myself to be a Big Band fan …I have gone to the show the last 3 years in a row and it’s always packed. Today I enjoyed the concert in Sagamihara Japan with my daughter who is 14 years old. However I did bring the two neighbor ladies with me that just had a blast.It is the second time for her from the last year, and she is saying that she wants to hear again next year. Please keep coming back we just love big band and GMO!!The performance was so well done, I can’t wait to see and experience them again. Would love to find the music…..9TGHi, we are in Palm Beach Gardens and saw your band advertised. This will be my 19 time seeing the Band, and it NEVER gets old.I am here with my family and my dad in particular who played with the Glenn Miller band during the war. I guess you could say, the wife and I LOVE the sound of Glenn Miller.

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