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However, since I didn't want Sona finding out and using it as more ammunition for enforced labor as compensation, I had decided to be sneaky about it.Hence, the current situation: me, sitting in a dark classroom, drinking imaginary tea and talking with my invisible friend, who was currently…"Okay, that doesn't even count as a maid outfit anymore! That's mildly ridiculous, but I had said to myself back when I started, 'Gabe, this chapter is going to the end of book 4, one way or the other! "You mock my goals, but when I stand firm atop a mountain of sewing machines, the depleted spools of thread strewn about in unmatched carnage, we shall see who has the last laugh.""Oh, I liked that one," I complimented her, grinning despite my attempt at maintaining brevity.

"Whatever it is you and Lash get up to at home, I don't think school is appropriate for Maid Naked Apron play.Lash laughed at me despite her words.'I hate Bizzaro World so much.'*Scene Break*"Is it just me, or have you been spending a lot of time recently with the Student Council?" Ise asked curiously, as he helped me clean the blackboard after class had ended for the day. "So then it's true, you and Kaichou…""No," I sighed the sigh of the damned, and set about setting rumors straight again.I gave my coat another inspection, though at this point there really wasn't much more I could do except take it home and start with the enchanting.I hadn't had the proper resources for this kind of cloth work, so I had decided to appropriate some of the school resources to do so.

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