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But the new ads will feature lingering shots of brands, logos and famous characters linked to products, such as Russian meerkat Alexandr Orlov.

Deloitte advertising agency came up with them after advertisers became concerned that their commercials were being missed.

He said: ‘Advertising at the end of breaks can be sold at a premium as recall for such slots is likely to be highest.’He cited a well-known perfume brand which purchased the final ad slot of nearly every commercial break during the TV series Glee.

More than £830million has been spent on advertising in the UK this year compared to £809million last year according to Nielsen, which operates ratings and audience measurement systems.

As a result, there is no way to further invest in product support and development.

According to insiders, that is the problem, even the big projects have faced to.

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At some point, regardless the funds raised and allocated, it will be over.

After token generation event, all in-app services will be priced in DTC (special offer compared to the regular price).

Thus, the token will be in high demand secured with millions of users and backed by the growing audience and entering new markets.

DTC tokens will be used for in-app discounted purchases.

All the prices will be nominated in two currencies: 1-fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc) 2-DTC tokens.

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