Shy about dating

You don’t want to be focusing on what you’re thinking, or what your date is thinking, so wear an article of clothing or accessory that your date can comment on.

This will take the pressure off of you and get the two of you talking.

Do it for a minute or an hour, whatever works for you.

If you feel anxious, channeling some of that anxiety into the pressure on your fingertips can help to distract you from your anxiety or from thinking too much about whether you seem nervous or shy to your date.

For dating purposes, try taking a video of yourself as you say hello and ask your date a few questions.

Take many videos and watch them, but the point is to spend more time practicing making small talk and asking questions in a comfortable, natural way.

Redirect your thoughts to your interests and talk about those on a new date.Heck, the first date is awkward for everyone, right?On a first date, wear something that can act as a conversation-starter for the two of you.In many ways, this trait is actually positive in that you use caution as you get to know people.The trick, however, is to not overthink things when you meet someone.

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