Should black men be shot for dating white women

Ultimately, it boils down to your own preferences — but you don’t need a Census-scale study to note that a black woman is far less likely, or even willing, to date outside her race than a black man. I’m fortunate to have the audacity of exercising my options.The fact is, when I step out with a lady who has an “other” background, I’m not worried about what her parents may think.Of course, maybe she's doing that because it is beautiful (and lets face it...

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To me, white women aren't the be-all and end-all of the world. There are many hot Latina, Asian, Korean, and black women that I could choose. And there seems to be a higher proportion of white snobs (Well actually, this is how I rate snobbiness in different races of females: black women -- Hispanic women.).

     Of course intellectually we know better. And compared to Asian women, White women have more leeway to experience relationships with men of different races.

Just as there are many independent-minded Asian men who see through blonde bimbo stereotypes to the real qualities of white women, there are white women who ignore stereotypes about Asian men. This has been the case thus far and is what has given them more social tolerance compared to other races.

But we are all too aware that American society has built up many negative preconceptions about Asian men that would take extraordinary consideration, some special X factor, to overcome. And like yourself, my post is also not meant to put anyone down.

     The many examples of famous AM/WF couples (Mr/Mrs Yo-Yo Ma, Ming Tsai, Scott Oki, Charles Wang etc), don't really help, merely reinforcing the common presumption that the AM must be wealthy and able to provide an exceptional degree of financial security, material comfort or social status. My opinion is that the WF in a WF/AM relationship tends to embody traditionl (stereotypical) AF qualities: she is demure, sensitive, obedient.

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