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As for the girls, this is where things get a bit tricky. If you meet a girl at the club, and end up taking her back to your place, she’s going to likely ask for some cash, or a gift or two afterwards, even if she was a normal one-night stand. Have a bit of cash on hand, or even some nice toiletries or cheap jewelry if you can. 99% of the time, you need to have something to give any girl you have sex with here, no matter how or why it happened.Prostitution is rampant here, but the government is always trying to crack down on it. And another thing: You need to know at least some Spanish.The first thing you’ll notice here is that people are very outgoing, very accommodating, and love helping you out. The reason is pretty simple: If you mess with a tourist, the government will bring the hammer down.Part of this is genuine, but also because people here make less than 0 a month from their jobs, and have to hustle to get more money elsewhere. Cubans love tourists, and cities like Havana are a lot more safe than most anywhere else in the U. Due to all the sanctions against Cuba, they rely on tourism more than anything.And again, be prepared to give her a bit of money or a small gift.As for where to go, aside from getting a feel for the best places while you’re there on the ground, you can always bet on a good time at Casa de la Musica, which is arguably the most popular club here.Regardless, when you are in nicer areas of the city with all the bars and clubs, assume that 75% of the hot women you see are actually working girls. The more you know, the more detailed your conversations and negotiations can be with a lady, which will definitely help your case. As I mentioned earlier, Havana is a very safe city, so it’s not like you can really stay in an area that’s a lot worse than another.

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The protocol is fairly normal to the naked eye: Buy a few drinks, dance with a few girls, and see where it goes from there. Most of the girls there are prostitutes, or at least semi-pro.they’re spirited lovers, of personalities emblazoned with fiery fervor… they’re a challenging segment of women with well-worth-the-trouble rewards.But, who Richard is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase.If you’re thinking that Cuba has a similar situation you’ll find in most other latin countries, things aren’t that simple.Yes, this is a poor country, but due to the current government situation, this alters things a little differently than elsewhere.

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