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Former executives say they cannot recall a single black vice president-level executive at Trump's headquarters during their combined tenures at the Trump Organization LLC, which ranged from 1980 to late in the past decade.Reviews of social media postings by Trump and his family and Trump's acknowledgements thanking executives in his books also fail to identify any senior black employees past or present.Other minorities are also scarce at that level though Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has employed scores of executives.As the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, sex in Vancouver is generally pretty easy to find.We think it’s a pretty bad idea to use a street prostitute anywhere, but particularly in Vancouver’s red light district.The next tier of ladies, in terms of price, is those working in massage parlors (many of them Asian).A number of Vancouver’s asian massage parlors are effectively mini-brothels.

After the AP questioned the campaign's citation of her as a Trump Organization executive, her title on the Eric Trump Foundation's website and her profile on the Linked In service was changed to "vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation." That position did not appear on the foundation's most recent tax filing for 2014, which said Patton was one of 16 unpaid directors who devote approximately one hour per week to the charity.

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